I always feel compelled to post this whenever anyone mentions The Grapes of Wrath in class.

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Jack White and his band, last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Jack White and his band, last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Jack White and his band, last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

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one of my favorite things is how people talk to themselves in tumblr tags, taking this space designed for metadata classification and using it as a form of parenthetical speech. those grey little tags feel so cozy, a whispered dimension to the flat communication of the net

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This morning I told a lovely group of young people about how somebody once set the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution to a catchy little tune, and if you watch this groovy little video a couple or three times you will never, ever, for the rest of your life, forget how it goes.

☆ : Share 3 favorite movies.

☼ : Share 3 favorite books.

☾ : Share 3 favorite songs.

☺ :  Something that made you smile today.

♡ : What you love about your best friend.

♧ : If you could switch places with (insert name) for a day, who would it be?

♢ : If you had a time machine, would you go to the past, or to the future? What would you take with you?

ϟ : If you could go to outer space, or to the bottom of the ocean, which would it be?

♒ : If you could choose between superhuman strength, the ability to fly, or the ability to make yourself invisible, which would it be?

☯ : Share 3 random facts about yourself.

Same as last spring, except for my new celebrity crush.  I’m fickle.

PHOTO PERSONALITY MEME - Answer the questions below by using a search engine, choose a photo, post your results.

  1. Your name - Jenny (see this video)
  2. Your favorite food - ice cream
  3. Your favorite color - blue
  4. Celebrity crush - Travis Fimmel / Ragnar Lothbrok
  5. What you want to be when you grow up - Radical militant librarian
  6. Dream vacation - Machu Picchu
  7. Your favorite beverage - coffee
  8. What you love most in the world - hugs
  9. Your username - Miss Pruneflake

Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Vikings Theme) 

Fore-edge painted book

Medieval Tech Support